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A Fertilizer consists of one or more plant nutrients and is used to strengthen the available supply of soil nutrients...



Petrochemicals are chemical products obtained directly or indirectly from the processing of either petroleum...


Speciality Chemicals

Specialty chemicals are multifunctional, singular chemical compounds or have varied compositions specific...


Basic Chemicals

Basic chemicals are a broader category of chemicals including but not limited to chemical fertilizers...

Our Commitments



Trust is the foundation of RawTrade. Our customers Trust us that we choose the right product from the right source. We just don’t create margins in the trade but we provide solutions for the customer needs and in the process expand the suppliers’ market reach. We don’t do one off deals but we believe in building stronger business relationships that are profitable for all the stake holders in the long run. We don't do the easy; we do the right thing!



We strive to provide only the best quality products to our customers and best quality customers to our suppliers. The chemical engineering background and vast experience in manufacturing and international trade of the founders and the team does help, in evaluating the quality of the products and the suppliers plant capabilities, before offering to the customers. We live to serve better than the rest and better than the best. By giving priority to understanding and managing customer needs, we go beyond ourselves to deliver on our commitment to quality.



We understand the importance of the execution of the contracts as per the defined terms on time and every time. With a core team that looks after the end to end logistics and with the use of our trading platform we enable our customers track the progress of the shipment real time and upload all the documents online in a secure environment with a blockchain backbone. Through the earnest efforts of our dedicated team, we have earned the reputation for being prompt and reliable.

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